Hello Stranger! You may, or probably may have not, been wondering where I've been. Blogging wise, I haven't posted since December 2017. Yes, I know, it's April 2018! So here's a little explanation that I've been meaning to write and is perhaps well overdue on my part.

Around November last year, I made a decision to step away from calling myself a 'blogger'. I began blogging only in January 2017, and lasted 11 inconsistent months. I thought it would be a career path that would incorporate my photography as well as sharing my voice to the world. I wanted to spread positivity, share my photography and open the world up to the more personal side of my life. And while I would still like to do all those things, and will, I don't want the title 'blogger/influencer' to be my first title. I was never influential enough to be called an 'Influencer', but it could have ended up that way, perhaps.

I am a photographer. I studied Commercial Photography at University and achieved a 2:1. And while I still write blog posts, albeit awfully inconsistently, I am not a 'blogger'. I am a photographer who writes blog posts, when she has the time. And that's okay.


I don't love writing, I only like it. I don't love blogging enough to pursue it, because I am not passionate enough about it, like some people 100% completely are. And while writing this now I may have already written 3 other blog posts today (very rare), all scheduled and ready to go for each week, I'm still not a fully fledged 'blogger'!

I am writing this because I fear there may have been some confusion with who I was and who I am now. I wrote a mini essay on one of my Instagram posts last year, partly explaining this small chosen career path change. As mentioned above I wanted to blog about positivity and I guess my 'lifestyle', but a large requirement of making a living in the blogging industry means promoting things. And while I could have picked and chose only things that I truly LOVED and would have genuinely felt honest in promoting, I'm really one of those people that once I find something I love, I stick with that. And there's only so much that one gal can 'love' without faking it while still making enough money to survive.

I don't mind being in the spotlight, but I'm not a fashion blogger either. Posting photos of myself in one of my outfits would most likely be the same outfit I was wearing probably two weeks later. I don't shop, often. And I don't have enough clothes or sense of style to keep bashing out outfit shots (of myself) for you, and I'd be anxious to post a photo with the same outfit even if it wasn't about the outfit! It all just got a bit fake, and I didn't know how to combat that. Some bloggers promote things really well, know exactly what to say and you know they mean it, but that's just not me. I don't have enough motivation or patience for this to write a blog post a week, or post a photo to the exact time, date, and hashtag that a brand wants. And also, as much as I distinctly remember saying in my very first blog post 'there is no one else like you', the blogging industry is highly oversaturated, and I can't keep up.

So while I am moving away from that part of blogging, I'm still going to blog, and post pictures of myself occasionally, and maybe even do the odd campaign with a brand, or even start YouTube! But in doing all of the above, it will be relevant to photography and my work, or my passions. All photos will be by myself and all photos of myself will make sense to you. I am a photographer, who occasionally writes blog posts about photography, and occasionally posts pictures of herself usually with something to do with photography, and may start YouTube one day - probably about photography! And that's okay. All of the above is 'okay' because it helped me discover that I really just wanted to be a photographer.


I am here to photograph, so let's do that. I hope this explains myself a little better, or even makes you realise that maybe you never really wanted to be a something you thought you did either, and perhaps you just got caught up in the rat race.  Let's discover your real true path in life. My DMs are always open.

I'm available for commissions and collaborations. I shoot streetstyle photos for other bloggers, and lifestyle/product photography for brands. Drop me an email or DM me on insta, and let's shoot. Coming up on the blog in the next few weeks: photography shoots, tips, tricks and advice (I'll strive for regularity!!)

p.s. this post was not written to offend anyone or other bloggers. I still think it’s a brilliant and inspiring career path to go down. I’m just explaining how it was for me.

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PHOTO 1 by Lauren Black.

PHOTO 2 by Adrian Stanley.