As someone who has shot both in front and behind the camera, I wanted to pass on some tips to help you on your street-style photoshoot (hopefully with me)! If you’re a little nervous for your first shoot, keep reading.

1. Practise Your Poses at Home

You want to utilize your time on a shoot as best as you can, so I would strongly advise practising your poses at home. Do some research, find other bloggers that you aspire to be like, and stand in front of the mirror and just look at yourself from different angles. Figure out which side of your face you prefer. Do you like your smile? Do you prefer a natural face? Do your shoulders look less broad if you stand to the left? Practise! And when it comes to the shoot you'll know which angles and poses are best for you. Do this and you'll get the most out of our shoot. Personally, I prefer a more natural and candid shot. Smizing and pouting are great (see below), but a laugh looks so much more natural and in my opinion it engages your audience better. Plus, I'm fab at turning that fake laugh into a real one.

Bonus Posing Tips:

(I think I learnt this one from Victoria Beckham) To reduce the appearance of a 'double chin': place your tongue to the roof of your mouth. This draws the skin upwards! 

To avoid duck feet: have your feet facing forward (parallel to each other) not facing outward.

For longer legs: stand slightly on your tip toes and with one leg forward. Plus, when you see me practically on the floor taking the shot, that helps.


2. Imagine You're On 'Next Top Model'

One thing I always say to people who are new to shooting, is to imagine you are on Britain's/America's Next Top Model, and actually take tips from it. I know it's an old program, but if you used to watch it everyone remembers Tyra Banks and 'SMIZE' - smile with your eyes. It's basically like a little squint, how your eyes would naturally go when smiling, but without the smile. As well as smizing, imagine how confident those models are and how they naturally move with the camera and try to do that yourself by envisioning yourself as one of them. Every time you hear the click of my camera, move your head, move your arms, move your feet - you should have a different pose pretty much for every shot, even if the movement is only slight.

Bonus: and ignore the passers by! They're thinking that YOU'RE famous, so embrace that. I've had tourists taking pictures of me taking pictures because they think who I'm shooting is famous. And plus, you're probably never going to see them again.



If you're a bit awkward, not sure what to do, and the above tips aren't enough, grab yourself a coffee, some food, use your sunnies as a prop - take them on and off your head, take your jacket on and off, put your hair behind your ear, then take it out, put your hands in your pockets, then take them out, go for a walk, lean against something, sit down, spin around. Repetition and movement is key for the best candid and natural shot to help me best capture your personality and show you as a relatable person to your audience.


4. You Will Get Used To It

The more you shoot, the better at shooting you'll become. Some of my regular clients when we first shot were very shy and uneasy around the camera. Now they're seasoned pros! And know exactly their best angles and what to do. I've been told I'm easy to work with and make people feel comfortable (just check out my testimonials page for proof) so take this as confirmation that I'm friendly, I'll make you laugh, and if you're unsure I'm here to help and give you direction. Even the most experienced 'model' I still give direction to, so just remember that.



Shooting isn't something to fret about. I'm here to help, put you at ease and guide you through, so hopefully these tips will be a little preparation exercise for use before and during our shoot. Any questions please do not hesitate to drop me an email, DM me on insta or comment below!

ALL PHOTOS BY EMMA PHARAOH PHOTOGRAPHY shot with Priya Virdee @theglossybanker

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