So I realise Christmas was almost a month ago now, but I couldn’t help but still get excited (sadly) over the beauty of the gifts that I received.

As a photographer, when I see pretty things, naturally I want to photograph them. So in all honesty, this post is mainly just an opportunity for me to be able to place those images somewhere, and at the same time share their magnificence with you. After all, this blog is all about being happy, right? And if presents add to your happiness, then I see nothing wrong with that. I am of course so thankful for all of the gifts I received, and I feel they represent my general style and taste so well. So without showing off, let’s share the love, here is a selection of my Christmas presents brought to you through the wonder of visual imagery.




I have been eyeing up these candles for a little while now. Diptyque are a brand that I only really heard of through other bloggers, but instantly fell in love with. I always know if something’s going to be good through the use of branding or packaging, and this did not disappoint. The quality is amazing, and the burning time is 60 hours. I can tell I’m going to be rather stingy with this though – at least it looks beautiful sitting on my bedside. Not sure if I’m more excited about the candle, or the idea of using it as a makeup brush holder once it’s finished burning…




I’m not a huge foundation gal - I feel it looks rather thick and cakey on me, and I also like to look quite natural and not put too much ‘stuff’ into my skin. But I heard about these brushes, giving a flawless, even, natural look and I wanted to try them out. I was reluctant to use it at first as it was so beautiful, soft and clean, but of course I did and it did not disappoint. I use it almost daily for things like BB creams and tinted moisturisers, as well as foundation …on special occasions.




A stylish yet convenient add-on to use with my laptop.




I love healthy things, and I love desserts. So thank you Olivia for combining the two! Very excited to get baking in the kitchen with this book full of delicious recipes and GORGEOUS food photos. What more could I ask for!




I have tried a moisturiser from Origins and have re-bought it a few times due to its delicious smell and natural ingredients, but I have been dying to try more of their products, especially the charcoal mask. So I was very excited and grateful to get a mini gift set of 4 of their products, which I have never tried before. I have now used them all, I love the charcoal mask as expected, but I especially love the overnight mask, which helps me wake up looking like a new woman! If your skin is in need of some TLC, try this brand.

What gifts do you want to shout about? Sharing is caring, and I’m all for it.

Photography by Emma Pharaoh