The New Year is just a natural motivator, but now we are half way through January I wonder how your resolutions are going?

I always end up having lots of small goals for the year rather than just one, and I can guarantee you ‘getting fit’ is on that list every year.  But I think in order to actually achieve your goals, get up and actually do something about them, you have to really want it, and maybe if you find yourself not doing it, you might just not want it enough.  So when you set a goal, set smart goals. Make sure they are achievable and realistic, and make sure you actually want to do them.

Below are some of my small and achievable goals for this year. If you’re struggling to set goals for yourself this year and realistically be able to achieve them, have a read below.

No. 1 // Be Happy

I don’t mean to sound cringe-worthy… but smiling is infectious. No joke. Last year I started just generally being more happy, smiling at cashiers, strangers, new people you meet, and even the people you already know, and the reaction I got back was almost always a positive one. And that feels good. Don’t you prefer being greeted by a happy person than a miserable one? I feel happier if I’m smiling. I challenge you to smile more.


No. 2 // Feel Content in your Career

Figure out what makes you happy, and just do that. Listen to this clip by Alan Watts - it’s so inspiring. He talks of how doing something you love, even if it doesn’t bring you a great income, it doesn’t matter, if that’s what makes you happy then why waste your time doing something else? If you love doing that thing, then there’s bound to be someone else who loves it too, and eventually if the passion is there you will be able to make an income from it.

In 2016 I got myself an employed job, I was earning good money, but I wasn’t happy. It wasn’t my passion, but I felt bad about leaving because I’d finally found a job that felt like it could be a career – granted not the one I wanted, but one nonetheless. I was coming home every night stressed and really not looking forward to going back the next day. After many chats with friends, family and loved ones I decided I should just leave. It wasn’t making me happy, so why waste my time on it. At the end of the day I was still young, I didn’t have a mortgage or that many outgoings, so why stay in this job and get stuck for when I do have real bills to pay? I should get out while I still have the chance, and I did, and guess what? I’m much happier.


No. 3 // Save Money

As I become more ‘adult’ I get slightly more obsessed with saving money. Be it for my dream handbag, or a deposit on a house, it’s addictive. Every time I get paid I say okay that much is for this, that much is for this, and that much is for saving. I feel much safer… having savings. Do you ever have to say no to going out for dinner with friends, or even just a drink? I hate that feeling. I hate having to use money as an excuse and it feels so much better to just be able to do what you want. Even if that means just not buying that coffee everyday and making it from home, taking those small steps every day to saving a little bit more.

No. 4 // Get Fit & Eat Better

What a standard goal. But yes, I am guilty just like everybody else of starting out with good intentions and even seeing results, but then just failing. This is one of those things that for some people will just take time. A good tip I received from Ellen at Teen Runner Blog was to join my local running club. I took her advice, joined a club, and can genuinely say that I really enjoy the sessions each week. It is so much more fun running with other people who motivate you, and because it’s a club that you pay for you’re definitely more likely to go, right?

Eating better is also just one of those things. As I read more about foods, nutrition, the benefits of certain foods and the negatives of other foods I find that helps with what I choose to eat. I am no saint though, sometimes the temptation definitely overrides the benefits and I do cave in. I still love chocolate and the odd takeaway, but that’s okay. You shouldn’t spend your life feeling guilty all the time. Treat yourself, maybe just at the weekends, but don't beat yourself up if you have the odd hiccup.


No. 5 // Be Less Indecisive

Make a decision and stick with it. Go with your gut feeling. No regrets.

No. 6 // Get Up Earlier

I am definitely not a morning person, but at the same time I do love the mornings. I don’t know what it is about them but they just feel… ‘fresh’. When you get up early and start doing things, you just get so much more done, and it feels so good. I love a productive day, and having more hours in order to do more things makes it even better.

No. 7 // Travel

I am lucky to have travelled as far as I have, but in all honestly I haven’t gone far. When I left uni everyone was at that point where they weren’t sure whether to go off and see the world or stick with it, get on the career path and get ahead of the game. I did the latter, and I have no regrets, because I can always go back and do it. Travelling that is. Even if I only go for one week to a new place each year, I am still exploring, and I still have time. Don’t think you’ve missed out by not taking that year in Australia like everybody else, you have a life to live and if travelling doesn’t fit into it right now that’s okay, but I implore you to try and see as much as you can, because from what I can see it is beautiful (from the pictures anyway).


No. 8 // Treat Yourself

Don’t be afraid to be selfish sometimes. Refer to point 3 and buy that dream handbag. When you’re spending your whole life looking out for others, it’s okay to treat yourself sometimes.


One thing I do at the end of each year is reflect on my resolutions and goals from the year before. Tick off what you have achieved, and let what you haven’t achieved roll on to the next year, or stop to ask yourself, how bad do you really want it?

What are some of your goals for this year?

Portrait Photography by Joanne Banks

Food, Product & Travel Photography by Emma Pharaoh


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