One thing I see a lot of people struggle with is narrowing down their selection of photos from our shoot.

Once we have finished our photoshoot together I will have a look through the shots, delete any that are blurry or where your eyes may be closed, then I'll send you a PDF of all those photos within 48 hours of the shoot. Once you have chosen your favourites, I will then aim to have the photos edited and in your inbox within 72 hours. That's my goal, to provide a super fast and efficient service.

However, I have worked with people who sometimes may take a whole month to come back to me with their selection, all because they are struggling to choose which ones to go for. Now this has no effect on me, as it's you that will have to delay using the photos. I'm more eager to edit as I've been excited by the shots we've achieved together, and even more excited to show them to my own audience! 

Once the shoot is over, my guidance doesn't stop. I'm here to help if you need it. So if you're struggling to choose which photos to have edited, don't be afraid to seek my advice. But perhaps before doing so, have a read of my top 3 tips on how to choose.


Get rid of duplicates. If you love two photos which are basically the same (same pose, one's a smile, one's a bigger smile), it might be nice to have them as a swipe through on Instagram, but if they're for your website as well, then just choose one. You want a wide selection of angles from your shoot to best showcase yourself and your outfit.

If we have time after our shoot we'll sit down for coffee and you can select your favourites then, which makes it easier when narrowing down again later. But if not, then I'd start by going through and choosing ALL of your favourites first, no matter how many there are, then review and narrow down those favourites even further, remembering the above - be rid of duplicates. 



Once you've done the above - be ruthless. If you're um-ing and ah-ing about a photo, chances are it's not going to make the cut. Imagine the moment when you come to post that photo online, really think about if you love it and when it's sat there on your Instagram feed next to the rest of those little squares, if you're going to be proud that it's there. When I was doing more photos of myself I used to struggle which ones to choose and would edit loads, but then when I came to posting or putting them in my UNUMs I was like, 'actually I don't love that one', and it never got posted. What's UNUM I hear you say? It's an app that let's you lay out all your photos the way they would appear on Instagram, and allows you to move them all around and hide any to see how your future feed is going to look. I highly recommend this for Instagrammers for after you've received your edits, and there's tonnes more apps that allow you to do this. Some people even have a private IG feed!

But yes, BE RUTHLESS! Eventually it will come naturally and you'll just be like "yes, no, yes, no, yes yes, no no" but until then just try to look at each shot and decide whether you really love it enough and would be proud to see it on the gram.




And finally once you've done both of the above, make sure you choose an even selection. And by this I mean a couple of full length shots, a couple of half length shots, a couple of close ups, and a couple of detail shots, as well as a mix of portrait and landscape. Because that's exactly what we would have shot on the day. You (and your outfit) are here to be showcased, so do yourself justice. 


I hope the above has been useful for those of you struggling to choose your photos from a shoot. Any questions, please comment below, drop me an email or DM on insta!

ALL PHOTOS BY EMMA PHARAOH PHOTOGRAPHY shot with Paul Smith @favethings

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