I often shoot with fashion bloggers, but many of the people I shoot with aren’t. Some of them are lifestyle bloggers who might not even be interested in fashion. Some of them aren’t even bloggers, just individual business people who need visual imagery for their personal branding. So if you are reading this as a fashion blogger, you probably don’t need my help, but if you are one of the latter people mentioned above, then I might be able to help. This is a question I get asked a lot, ‘what do I wear?’ - well, let me advise you.


Firstly I would say, wear what you’re comfortable in. If this shoot is to represent YOU, then don’t wear clothes that you wouldn’t wear in your real life or work life. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Because if you do then when a client or someone you meet from online meets you in person, they’re going to be very confused about who you are.

For example:

-        You are a fitness blogger - bring outfits that you’d wear for working out, and outfits that you’d wear in meetings.

-        You are a coach – bring outfits you’d wear for your sessions or public speaking events.



Who are you? Ask yourself this. What image do you want to be putting out? My coach once said to me, ‘dress like you own the bank, not like you’re about to withdraw money from it’. If you are the boss (or want to be) then dress like it!

You must also be practical when deciding who you are or who you want to be. For example with myself, I need to be comfortable in order to move around, and get down and about to get the best angles for you. So I wear jeans, blue or black, and usually a cotton shirt or a simple neutral coloured top, underneath a blazer or smart coat. I wear pretty much the same shoes on a location shoot - black lace up boots. And a dark grey scarf if it’s cold - see here look:


I’m comfy, I’m casual, but I’m SMART casual. I want to appear professional, but also need to be comfortable.

So decide - who are you?


I have a pop up changing tent (great for quick changes). If you are a fashion blogger then on my shoots you will want to change a lot, but if you are a lifestyle blogger or an individual needing photos for your personal brand then you might not have that many outfits. If we are doing headshots I would recommend just top and jacket changes (easily doable quickly) but if we are doing full length shots you may wish to change a couple of times throughout. This is where the changing tent comes in. Yes it’s very heavy for me to lug around but I bring it along just for you guys, to save you time not having to find toilets to change in and spend your money on coffee or water because you feel bad or pressured. Time is money after all!

Bring some different lipstick colours, maybe some earrings (if either are your thing), a couple of different tops/jackets/bottoms. In an hour we’ll probably be able to shoot about 3 outfits comfortably, so be aware of this and try to be as prepared as possible. Have a rough idea of which outfits you are putting together, and if you’re unsure I am happy to help and tweak on the day.



If one day I don’t have the changing tent and you’re feeling brave, then I would suggest wearing a tight strappy top underneath your top half, so that if you do need to change in the street, your dignity is covered.


-        Wear what you’re comfortable in

-        Don’t try to be someone you’re not – wear what you would usually wear

-        Decide who you are - be practical & comfortable

-        Bring some variation of tops/bottoms/outfits/accessories


Image of me shot by Jasmin White